Pinkfong Sound Book set consists of five fun-packed books to help children’s knowledge finding journey. It is designed with a creative toolkit approach to give children the opportunity to play, engage and interact to discover fun ways to learn.

Filled with vivid illustrations, each book has press-and-play buttons that play ten singalong songs. The cover page features our pink fox character, Pinkfong; his triangular ears, gold star necklace and crown have been used as a design motif for other parts of the book. The right side bar in a pallet of pastel colors has been angled and textured for the most ergonomic grip for small baby hands.

Moreover, our innovative built-in Aria Speaker is 150% larger than an average built-in speaker for fuller and richer sound. Yet it is no louder than 83dB within a 30cm radius, which is an average distance between a child and a book, to prevent damage to a child’s hearing.

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