Pazo is an aesthetic, playable 3D puzzle toy, a great learning kit, intelligent toy, or even home decors. Inspire by 3D software that everything could be built by triangular surfaces, we designed an ingenious component that’d enable you to create everything with the small puzzles- a vase, a basket, or even skyscraper, the only limitation is your imagination! Pazo could be a practical and aesthetic decoration in your house. Pazo is a great learning kit of geometry, aesthetic sense and abstract thinking. Players are able to enhance 3D thinking and gain knowledge of structure through trial and error. Playing Pazo challenges your mind, trains your logic thinking and makes you think differently- the most important thing to future generation. It is fun and playable, if you make a ball, kick it! If you make a suit, wear it! Pazo is made by Polypropylene, a food grade plastic, safe for children and pets. The manufacture process of Pazo is extremely simple, only die cutting. It makes higher yield, through rate and quality effortlessly. On one hand, the cost and stock could be controlled easily. On the other hand, more models could be designed and even customized.

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