iPads have already become a standard in childhood education, development and entertainment — along with this has come many protective cases intended to keep the iPad safe from accidents that inevitably happen when children use them.

Implementing the latest HaborPuri™ technology, a safeguarding, non-toxic, ruggedised, antibacterial material that keeps children’s fingers and mouths safe and clean while playing with their BoBo Bear protected iPad’s.

Ozaki has noticed, that despite the large selection of such cases available, non of them offered features that could benefit children as they grow to need them, we then set out to design BoBo Bear, a safe protective playmate for children from 2~6 years of age, that protects not only the iPad but child too.

OZAKI’s creation of the Almighty BOBO BEAR — to guard and accompany children throughout their critical childhood stages — is sure to become a child’s best friend and partner in development and learning.

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