Children are always most interested in what it is that the adults happen to be doing. They want to get involved and help as well as they possibly can. Normally that shouldn’t be a problem when working in the garden – if only so many garden tools didn’t have sharp edges. With the My First Fiskars Box Set, even small children can lend their parents or grandparents a helping hand with the gardening work. The set comprises a trowel, a brush, a spade and a saw. All of the devices are brightly coloured and can be easily gripped by small hands. They don’t have any points or sharp edges. The tough storage box can be used as a bucket and the lid can be turned into a seat. In this way, aspiring little gardeners can dig, saw and cultivate their own patch to their hearts content or can simply let their creativity run free.

The My First Fiskars set for children was developed together with parents and children and has won a Red Dot Design Award for its design.

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