Children naturally seek comfortable environments like that of their mother’s womb. In particular, as they grow past age 2 and become more independent, they start to build an intimate relationship with their own special space. Spending time in this space, children learn how to control and express their emotions, desires, and conflicts—they develop their own healthy dream.
“My First Dream House” supplements existing products in the market by offering a simple, user-friendly design. The frame, the most important part of the tent, is made of eco-friendly birch material. The joints are also made with a harmless material (PE). For the fabric, we chose a high quality of cotton that will not irritate the skin. The frame’s stability is a key feature for children to play safely. With only 4 birch legs, not only is it easy to assemble, it is durable as well. All edges and sides have a curved finish for increased safety. In addition, fabric pattern comes with a basic double-sided cover and you can separate it from the birch frame, which leads customer to spontaneously customize all 4 pieces of fabric from a variety of options, such as pattern according to customer’s taste.

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