What’s a Monimalz? It’s a mashup of money and animal that makes savings fun for kids!
Monimalz, a panda, whale or monkey, is a fun & educational friend to teach children numbers, counting, maths and to manage their money.

Monimalz accepts coins and bank transfers to the child’s connected bank account; it’s connected to a mobile app that all the family can use to transfer money to the account using their bank card. Parents can also send messages that scroll across the Monimalz, or set missions and challenges that can then be rewarded, eg. Help me wash the car!

When a coin is added or its back is stroked Monimalz comes to life! It shows the value of the coins, adds this to its existing total and shows the new total on its belly, or lights up with fun animations and sounds. Likewise with bank transfers so no more sending boring cheques or cash for birthdays!

Monimalz is designed to evolve with the child; it’s look can be personalised with stickers, its casing swapped for a funky pattern or robot design and it comes with a universe of fun counting, maths, and savings games adapted to their age. And this is only the start as the Monimalz app also continues to expand and grow.

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