The double 2013 Toy award winner Mini Micro 3 in 1 is getting a sibling: the mini2go. Probably the sharpest luggage for kids turns airports and train stations into a playground or even a racetrack. Long marches or holding onto luggage trolleys belongs to the past with the mini2go. Travelling with kids will be a pleasure with the mini2go…also for parents!

But also at home the mini2go cuts quite a dash. Many things can be transported or even hidden. By night the transparent drawer even seems like a UFO.

The mini2go is modularly built and can be ridden without the transporting box, which looks just as dynamic as when daddy is taking a ride on his motorbike.

Completely without sitting accomodation the mini2go is turning into the popular Mini Micro Kickboard, which can be ridden many years with its long T-bar. A real streetsurfer, which combines years of mobility and riding pleasure.

Additional advantages are:

-usable in- and outdoor
-educates the kid‘s motor skills
-light and solid
-withgrowing thanks to conversions
-airplane compatible
-possibly record-breaking price / benefit

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