The Magneo is a product where children and parents will play together to render 3D images into augmented reality. Our goal is to enlarge the imagination of parents and children. In order to fulfill that goal, we are using the newest technologies available on the market. Furthermore, our 3D modeling R&D center is constantly developing and pushing the boundaries of its technology, ensuring the best 3D renderings. Besides making a product that is technology-savvy, we considered it equally important to keep the product easy to use. The user-friendliness of Magneo has been incorporated not just in its software but also in its design. The round form of the product is on the one hand to project a natural, organic form appearing in nature, and on the other hand to relate to the fairy-tale stories where the princess looks into a round mirror. The handle of the product is created as to fit the curve of the hand, so that it does not hurt when children hold it. The product is created with light materials so that it does not strain the wrist when children hold the Magneo.

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