Logiblocs is an electronic discovery system that captivates children. Its timeless design helps children understand our technological world. From traffic lights to space stations, everything in today’s high-tech world is controlled in the same way as Logiblocs.

Composed of electronic blocks, Logiblocs teaches children electronics, coding and logic in a fun, simple and safe way. Each block is colour-coded for the function it performs and is specially designed for little hands.

Teachers use Logiblocs as a tool to develop logical reasoning and is widely used to teach STEAM subjects: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths.

By plugging Logiblocs together in different combinations, children can create circuits and virtually make their own computer program to make numerous inventions with their own hands without using a computer screen!

Just add a few extra blocks and children can change their invention from an intruder alarm to a message recorder, from a musical machine to a doodling robot. Its application is extremely versatile and inspiring.

The beauty and reputation of Logiblocs has made it globally recognized gaining a prestigious award from the UK Design Council.

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