The LittleBig is a radical new kids bike that “grows with your child”.

It begins as a small pedal-less balance bike for kids age 2+. No need for stabilisers, balance bikes allow kids to glide along effortlessly while quickly developing their coordination and motor skills.

After the child has grown out of the small balance bike, the LittleBig’s patent pending frame design allows the rear of the bike to be inverted, resulting in a bigger balance bike with a higher saddle  and longer arm reach.

Ready to begin pedalling? Adding the separate pedal and crank attachment to the balance bike converts it into a proper pedal bike, suitable for kids up to age 7.

These adaptions allow the LittleBig to be used for 5 years, over twice as long as traditional kids bikes, thereby giving the parent great value for money and ensuring a long product life.

The LittleBig is high quality and built like a proper bike with features such as a 6061 alloy frame with brushed alloy front section, full alloy short reach brake levers, rust proof nickel plated chain, smooth ball bearing hubs and integrated headset.

To sum up the Little Bike is 1 bike, with 3 modes and lasts 5 years.

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