The Lini cube is not just a great educational toy, it’s also ideal to test or experiment on cognitive abilities like perception, attention, memory, learning, problem solving, creativity, planning, orientation and imagination. E.g. since Lini cubes are not directionally limited you can distinguish fast between a flat and spatial building style. The simple and in some way modest design conceals the variety of features. There are 105 ways you can plug a lini cube into another, compared to 9 of a conventional building block. With only 4 blocks you can build without defining a top, side or bottom. In the acoustics a sinus wave will create a harmonious sound. This principle was transferred to the design of the lini cube. The intersection of horizontal and vertical sinus curves create the beautiful pattern. It looks like little pillows. Yet, the pattern supports the technical features in every aspect. It creates an extra shifted line of pockets. On the edges it creates half pockets with dovetails. They help to align and provide stability as you plug onto an edge. Furthermore it enables connecting two building blocks with just one plug. -please watch uploaded video-

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