The ‘Jinghua Impression figurine’ is a series of different Chinese story characters. They have been designed and developed independently, to be enjoyed as interactive souvenirs. It become to the most popular souvenirs in China most famous tourist attractions once start to sell. All of the characters are selected from the most symbolic Chinese story figures. The design concept is to be “modular” and “re-buildable” using PVC material and can be collected as a full set of the collection. Each figurine can be disassembled into different parts and re-assembled to become a random new style and it can present different story characters through the various outer accessories and fittings on the same part of each figurine (such as body part\ head\arms and legs). It has changing the current traditional China souvenirs understanding which is dogma, stabilization, realistic, and limitation of interactive entertainment. To make more and more young generation to know and like Chinese culture, and not just only consist of Iron man and Transformers. To bringing more and more interested to the young age to getting start to like Chinese story.

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