JEEP® Junior Pedal go-kart
Are you an adventurer? Only not quite fully-fl edged? Then go for the Jeep® Junior. Just as sturdy, but just a size smaller. Thanks to the adjustable seat and steering wheel, you are always comfortably seated to easily manoeuvre your go-kart around all obstacles.

JEEP® Adventure Pedal go-kart
This sturdy go-kart has been equipped with rugged all-terrain tyres, a spare wheel, and a towbar for the BERG Junior Trailer.

Both pedal go-karts have the unique BFR drive system. This system allows you to pedal backward to brake then back-up or continue forward.

JEEP® Expedition Pedal go-kart BFR-3 (Also available in AF version)
Sturdy and robust! Racing cross country, you don’t want to think of having a fl at tyre. That is why the Jeep® Expedition go-karts have been equipped with a spare wheel. Also, the go-kart has large all-terrain tyres, turning the bumpiest ride into a smooth spin.

Crossing uphill? Piece of cake! A er all, the Jeep® Expedition BFR-3 pedal Go-kart has three gears.

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