‘Holzhausen’ means ‘a place of wooden houses’, and as the name suggests the 24+1 building blocks set from Holzhausen comprises 25 little wooden houses with which you can let your creativity and joy of building run wild.

Environmentally friendly little houses for unlimited fun at play

The little wooden houses are made by hand from untreated softwood. 24 of the houses are entirely untreated, while one has been coloured with special red varnish. This special varnish is characterised by its high level of environmental compatibility and is geared to the needs of children. As a result, it is absolutely no problem if a child decides to explore the houses by putting them in his or her mouth. In any case, these little houses will encourage exploration. Unlike normal building blocks, they are made in the shape of a house. This means that the 24+1 building blocks set from Holzhausen even makes it possible to build freestanding arches and other daring feats of construction.

Fun with a toy that has an educational value

24+1 from Holzhausen is a real bonus even for small children who are not yet master builders in their own right. They can feel the natural wood structure, experience the corners and edges and even make villages, towns and lots more without being especially talented. These building blocks can also be combined with other toys at will. Is there anything better than putting some life into a town you have built yourself with little toy figurines or knights? Children’s curiosity and creativity will grow alongside their enjoyment of the game – with new and more and more complex constructions emerging all the time. And so this very simple wooden toy is not only lots of fun to play with, but also improves children’s motor skills and creativity – quite apart from the fact that every child will justifiably be extremely proud of his or her creations!

Building and playing fun

The 24+1 building blocks set from Holzhausen succeeds in combining educational demands with playing fun in one environmentally friendly cotton sack. The high-quality building blocks set won the Red Dot in 2014 as a reward.

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