The first vehicle – a balance bike or a scooter? In most cases the children’s fleet of vehicles is supplemented by both of these. The Highwaybaby combines both types in one for kids up to 3 years or having a body weight of max 20kg. The sense of balance is taught with the first few steps in the cycle mode of operation. Simply with the slide of a button – without the need for any tool – you can also dash around with the product using it as a scooter. These more complex movements also help subsequently when it comes to riding a bicycle. And, in case it becomes too strenuous, you can – just as easily with the help of sliding a button – unlock it and convert it to a balancebike while still sitting on it. The colourful 2in1 scooter and pushbike combination is one of the most light-weight in its class, manufactured with a robust design and provides fun and joy for a long time. The soft seat that rises towards the rear provides gentle grip and in conjunction with the height adjustable handle ensures a sitting posture that is relaxing and ergonomic. The front wheel having a large dimension made of material having a cushioning effect allows the baby to dash around safely and super-silently.

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