The Future Car is one of Gigo’s many science kits. With this kit you can build, play, and remotely control your models from a smart phone or a tablet computer. You can also make your car drive in a town right on the floor of your living room, created by the Augmented Reality function. The Gigo Future Car shows you how automotive technology is going to radically change in a few years’ time. Actually most of it is already being tested right now.

This vehicle is quite simple. The front and back wheels are controlled remotely via your tablet so it maneuvers about the floor like a tank. Look at the augmented view on the tablet, however, and you see a whole city of virtual 3D buildings to negotiate, complete with working traffic lights. The cards you scatter on the floor are printed with QR codes, which are read by the tablet’s camera and interpreted as the buildings they represent.

Grouping vehicles into platoons is a solution for increasing the capacity of roads. An automated highway system is a proposed technology for doing this. Platoons decrease the distances between cars using electronics. This capability would allow many cars to accelerate or brake simultaneously.

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