Ferrari 150° Italia
Its aerodynamic side-skirts, rear wings, nose spoiler, race tyres and stickers with the logos of all the sponsors makes it difficult to tell the difference between this go-kart and the original….even for the discerning eye.

The unique BERG BFR drive system allows you to pedal backward to brake then back-up or continue forward.

Ferrari FXX Racer
Experience the impressive acceleration in the super manoeuvrable and very fast Ferrari FXX Racer. Thanks to the superslick tyres, you have optimal grip on the circuit.

Ferrari FXX Exclusive
Thanks to the aerodynamic spoilers and side-skirts, the Ferrari FXX Exclusive makes an impressive appearance on any circuit. With its 7 gears, 12-inch light-metal look wheel rims with ultra-flat super-slick X-treme tyres, you accelerate to the pole position in no time.

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