Uniquely designed and patent pending mobile that features two distinct motions: soothing and developmental. The soothing motion engages baby with three animals that gently spin in a horizontal circle, “soothingly” stimulate baby as she rests in crib. The developmental motion is the most innovative feature of the product. It creates an amusing Hide & Seek play between the characters and the baby, as the animals flip vertically and playfully disappear and reappear by slowly rotating around the mobile. This unique motion encourages baby to identify object permanence – a core developmental process in cognitive perception. In addition to its visual attributes, the Dual Motion Developmental Mobile also comes with a versatile piano box. For newborns, the piano box plays 15 different melodies and white noise to soothe baby to sleep. When used at night, the music box’s stars and moon night-light creates a relaxing bedtime aura for baby to dream. Once baby has reached the one year mark, the music box transitions to a fun piano keyboard for baby to explore shapes and sounds while developing motor skills.

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