The Cwic comes in a beautiful carved beech wood box held together by magnets , inside you find our tree trunk made of beech wood and its 50 round pieces of varying colors. All the pieces have embossed magnets. Use your imagination to stack the different circles to the tree trunk, and then recreate the four seasons of the year and the cycle of life. When we design the Cwic we wanted to make all the pieces become alive. That’s why we wanted to be able to use the circles in different positions. That’s why the magnets of the round pieces in snot centered, to allow the pieces to be assembled in an overlapping or decentered manner . Like this, you can hid the circles underneath each other or not. And gives you plenty of options to “play” and create compositions of different colors, forms… And you´ll be able to represent how snow covers everything and then spring approaches and small flowers flourish and how with the summer, the coming flowers become fruits and then the autumn follows and the green leaves turn orange and fall. With the fall of the last leave the winter starts again. The CWIC is 100% environmentally friendly.

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