Bontoy Traveller is a new kind of ride-on toy usable indoors and outdoors which combines several practical functions: Equipped with specially developed high quality rubber wheels, Bontoy Traveller has the perfect size for use at home as a ride-on toy (children ages 18 months~8years). The steering is extremely soft so that even small children can comfortably ride it. The whole body of the toy is rounded to reduce hazards during play. The 17 liter storage trunk is easy to open and is perfect for storing toys and other precious possessions that children want to keep nearby. In addition, Bontoy Traveller makes for the perfect travel companion and can quickly be transformed into a travel carrier: when pressing the button at the front, an adjustable carrier handle is extended. The toy can then be pulled along just like a real 2-wheeled hand trolley. A puppy was purposely chosen as the motif for this toy design: dogs are the animals that most children instinctively feel close to and easily make a connection with. In trolley mode, the toy looks like a puppy which happily greets his or her owner. Traveller is available in two different designs: Dalmatian and Beagle.

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