This go-kart is created by the best of both worlds, it is the perfect balance between the race DNA of BMW and the technology of BERG. BERG has entered into a unique partnership with BMW, and as a result, BMW and BERG have created a unique design for a beautiful new go-kart. In addition to the unique design, the BMW Street Racer exceeds your highest expectations in terms of quality and safety. In fact, the BMW Street Racer is super safe and stable due to the 4 large sports tyres with ball bearings. When the go-kart comes whizzing around the corner on screeching tyres it can stop superfast and safely by using the coaster brake. Once it has come to a stop, you can reverse thanks to the BFR system. The BMW Street Racer now has perfect roadholding due to the swing axle, and the BFR system means that the pedals can remain steady thanks to the freewheel function. When you have finished racing on your go-kart, it can be parked upright in the shed! This technology, combined with the fantastic BMW racing design, provides a perfect match for the daring, young racers! Suitable for children aged 3-8.

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