BIG CUBE BLOCK is a Multi-Module Toy Blocks was based our traditional soft block with new breakthrough that creating more possibilities of combination for Multi-Module Toy Blocks.

The unique patented structure of this design allows children to easily build up the concept of multi-dimensions and also their imagination. At the same time, playing BIG CUBE BLOCKS trains children’s main hand muscle groups and stimulates logical thinking. Training in color perception and sense of space will be also built up thru playing this product.

The material is made of food-grade soft plastics. Soft plastics help avoiding children from getting hurt while playing. Our soft plastics is also antiseptic. This significantly decreased the spreading of virus while Children playing outside. Therefore, this BIG CUBE BLOCK is suitable for using in public space of children’s education and recreation.

This product’s color scheme is based on primary colors and color shades. It achieves the function of training and inspiring children’s cognition of color in their different development stages.

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