Baby rattle for infants is designed to support your infant’s acquisition of cognitive abilities. This cute little giraffe is your baby’s best playmate. The overall design is round-shaped, the ears, the horns and the mane support your child’s grip. It comes with different colors, making it appear more rich and eye-catching. It includes more than 100 children’s songs, musical instruments and nursery rhymes. Your infant can joyfully shake the rattle to create sounds and press the button to switch to a novel sound. smart baby rattle also includes a voice interaction module for child and parents. The parents can record a specific sound that enhances the child’s auditory abilities. This confers even more playabilities. Being made of silicone, it is harmless for the child to bite on or chew the rattle. The material also is not surface treated, following high ecological standards. QiMeng baby rattle is your child’s best support to grow happily and support an intelligent development.

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