It’s the first augmented reality learning machine integrating interactive technology into early education with combination of natural education and modern technology all over the world. It takes use of AR and real-time rendering technology to integrate virtual animation and live-action space to create 3D spatial interactive learning producing unprecedented learning experience to users. The operation way of 3D spatial cognition brings children multi-dimensional sensory stimulation and enhances cognition memories. 3D figure and image technology could develop left and right brain effectively and temper the coordination capacity of hands, eyes and brain. AR is in a higher level. Teaching aids copycatting risks could be reduced effectively when traditional teaching aids, such as flash cards, are realized through AR technology. And the unique use could also prevent kids from indulging in electronics. The people-oriented product provides kids a study mode which is much similar to natural study through interactions between human and the machine and between people. The product will develop more interactive functions to achieve edutainment.

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