A pioneer of integrating traditional educational toys with AR technology As a Red Dot Award winner in 2015, we we continue innovating new products for our kids over world. AR Wonders are products facture Augmented Reality (AR) technology with our popular Dig a Dinosaur products: T-Rex, Triceratops and Stegosaurus. We treasure the values traditional toys bring to kids. With AR as a highlight, we aim at inspiring kid’s imagination and creativity by taking the traditional dino-digging activities into the 21st century with virtual excitement! Kids can imagine being a palaeontologist to dig up and build a glow dino skeleton from a plaster block with provided tools. Collect a buried test tube of dinosaur DNA stickers. Order the DNA correctly by placing the stickers on cardboard. Scan the completed DNA chain (AR code) into a smartphone or tablet with an app. A life-sized 3D dinosaur will spring to life on the screen. Kids can take photos or a video with the dino and share them via social media or email. Fun facts can be learnt from the app. The intelligent features stimulate imaginations while providing enhanced educational opportunities with interactive media.

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