By tradition, the Scandinavian pram acts as an all-round setting for Scandinavian children and is used for both sleep and transport. It is the single most important purchase of any Scandinavian family.

STORK is nothing less than a reinterpretation of the iconic Danish pram, which sets a new standard in terms of development and innovation with an entity of 7 patents.

STORK challenges the market with its design and functionality. By having the most compact frame on the market when folded, STORK is designed to be the answer to one of the modern family’s biggest challenges: transportation. Without compromising quality, comfort, or safety STORK easily fits into even the smallest city cars.

The attention to detail is what makes STORK spectacular not just for the child, but the parents as well. Magnetic buttons and dual zippers secures maximum access, meanwhile the 3-setting ventilation system keeps the pram well-aired. In terms of weather, STORK handles all variations with both sunshade and water repellant fabric.

The name STORK is derived from the innocent belief that all babies are brought by storks.

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