The 9.9 kg sports stroller Thule Glide light with its aerodynamic design offers a great deal of legroom for jogging and is suitable for any sporty parents. Thanks to the narrow wheels, rolling resistance is low in the Thule Glide. The stroller can be pushed easily even when running quickly, and vibrations are absorbed by the strong rear suspension. The height-adjustable, ergonomic handlebar ensures a comfortable hold of the stroller when running or jogging.
Not only does the design of the Thule Glide meet its purpose, it is also a winner in terms of functionality. The jury for the Red Dot Design Award recognised this clever interplay of design and functionality with a Red Dot.

Handy sports stroller: lockable front wheel, ergonomic handlebar

The 16-inch lockable front wheel and the two 18-inch rear wheels on the stroller keep the stroller straight when you go for a jog along your favourite route. Even when running fast, you can steer the stroller with just one hand and keep it going in the right direction.

The ergonomic handlebar on the stroller is also height adjustable and can be adjusted to your own body size. This straight stance protects your back when running and makes the stroller pleasant to push.

If you want to put the sports stroller into the car to go to your favourite route outside town, you can fold it together, remove the wheels and store it compactly with just one hand. The light weight of just 9.9 kg makes it even handier – making a trip with the sports stroller no trouble at all.

Stroller with a comfortable seat and sun protection

The little passengers can enjoy the ride on the Thule Glide sports stroller either sitting comfortably or with a relaxing nap. The padded, vented seat can be adjusted steplessly and can be brought to a near flat position using just one hand. Regardless of the surface underfoot and the running speed, the strong suspension of the Thule Glide absorbs the vibrations from the running movement, making it possible for the child to enjoy a comfortable trip. In strong sun, the canopy can be used as sun protection in open spaces without any shade. There is a view-in roof port to maintain eye contact with the child.

5-point safety harness and brake for a safe journey

An easy-to-use, padded 5-point safety harness ensures the safety of the child. To prevent the stroller from rolling forward or backward when stopped, the V-brake fitted on the front wheel can be actuated via the height-adjustable handlebar. In addition, a parking brake can be attached to the rear wheel. Whether you want to run fast or enjoy a short break while jogging, the child stroller is a real all-rounder for all kinds of sporty urban adventures with your child.

Product features

  • Weight capacity: 34 kg
  • Folded dimensions: 87.5 x 53 x 23 cm
  • Weight: 9.9 kg
  • Shoulder width: 34 cm
  • Sitting height: 53 cm
  • Harness: 5-point safety harness
  • Meets safety standards
  • Including lockable front wheel
  • Ergonomic handlebar with a range of heights
  • Rear suspension
  • Padded seat with vented top
  • Completely flat position of the seat
  • Adjustable sun canopy with view-in roof port
  • One-handed compact fold
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