Urban lightness The buggy became popular in the 1970s particularly because it is lightweight and saves space by folding easily. The Quinny Yezz represents a highly convincing reinterpretation of the buggy. It communicates easy urban travel and spontaneously wins over the affection of the beholder. The way this buggy can be folded is both highly fascinating and convincing at the same time. Featuring an innovative 3D compact fold mechanism, the Quinny Yezz enables parents to fold the buggy quickly and intuitively even in difficult situations. In an elegant manner, it solves the problem of the often cumbersome folding techniques used in other buggies. Moreover, it only weighs 5 kg. Its extremely lightweight yet solid frame is entirely made of IXEF, a high performance fibreglass composite. Complemented by a carrying strap, the buggy can also be carried comfortably over the shoulder while strolling through the city. The urban look of the Quinny Yezz is also expressed through the materials: a jet-black frame in combination with a colourful hammock seating made of comfortable, hardwearing parachute material. Highly contemporary in its approach, the seat also features ropes usually used in mountain climbing. The lightness that this buggy adds to the self-reliant and modern life of parents is also reflected in the characteristics of the buggy’s steering behaviour. The skate wheels of the Quinny Yezz are designed to run smoothly and easily even over slightly uneven terrain, making the city your playground.

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