The chic aluminium design of verve provides the ultimate in authentic inline stroller performance & adaptability for 1 or 2 children.
Children up to 105cm/5 years can relax in the newly enlarged seat. The on-handle brake makes for peace of mind & safe travels.
Verve stands when folded WITH the double kit still attached and folds to literally half its size, so it fits into most small vehicles.
23 riding options give the flexibility to take 2 newborns, or 2 toddlers and everything in between! Go anywhere and know that they can sit or lie down, while one scoots behind on the free rider or simply take one baby. The double kit (second seat) also becomes a parent facing seat in a few easy steps, so you can bond with baby as you stroll.
Verve also fits two capsules, allowing you to travel with twins in tow.
With light handling kerb pop you can easily push the buggy up kerbs & steps without breaking a sweat.
Plush heat-pressed lycra seats offer luxurious comfort, while the 12” rear air tyres & front wheel suspension provide the most comfortable ride possible. With sleek curves & elegant styling, verve delivers effortless street style.

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