The modular design of the Joolz Geo offers five configurations so that you are always well prepared to meet any challenges that occur. Simply add the spacious and robust XL shopping basket for extra storage. With a second cot or seat the smart ergonomic design of the Joolz Geo offers complete comfort to you, your child and his or her brother or sister. Wherever you go, and however your family evolves, the Joolz Geo grows with every family adventure.
+ Mono
The Joolz Geo Mono configuration gives new parents the best of both worlds: an ergonomically designed pushchair for both parent and child, complete with a spacious XL shopping basket.
+ Duo
The Joolz Geo Mono is easy to extend to a Duo configuration and is therefore suitable for a second child. Simply adjust the second cot and / or seat below the upper seat.
+ Twin
The Joolz Geo Twin configuration is suitable for newborn twins. Both cots and seats are large in size, while the Geo Joolz is only 59 cm wide, making the Joolz Geo extremely manoeuvrable through narrow paths and doors.

The mono configuration can, in a later stage, easily be expanded with the Duo extension

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