Greentom is on a mission: developing and producing 100% green products in order to make the planet and the future of our children a greener one. Dutch company Greentom, founded by Bart Bost, develops sustainable, smart and practical products using the design concept less-is-more. Greentom is different from all strollers. The frame is made of recycled Polypropene (PP) and bioplastic. The fabric is made of recycled soft drink bottles (PET). All components can be reused or recycled at the end of the lifecycle. This makes Greentom sustainable according to the cradle-to-cradle principle. The mattress of the Carrycot is 100% organic and made of wool, flax and organic cotton. Thanks to the innovative design and selection of materials, Greentom is able to produce locally. This means less transport, use of local raw materials and provides local labor. The Greentom frame is a four wheel frame that can be used in combination with the Carrycot, Reversible seat and Classic seat. From birth to 4 years old. Greentom is a smooth ride, lightweight, colorful, steers with one hand and folds in just three seconds! Greentom is the greenest stroller on the planet!

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