The Croozer Kid Plus is a bicycle trailer, a stroller and a buggy. It always comes with three kits and can be easily converted, no tools required. The innovative Sylomer®-suspension additionally ensures exceptional comfort. The Croozer developer team has worked with a team of experts to produce a suspension for the Croozer Kid Plus which is as effective for a single baby (10kg) as for two six year olds (45 kg), without requiring any additional adjustments to allow for the difference in weight. The special material property of the Sylomer® suspension and damping elements is able to realize that. When the trailer is lightly laden, the Sylomer® spring element is soft and responds sensitively. When the trailer is fully laden, the preformed part compresses, becoming harder as a result.
The Croozer Kid Plus is fitted with a chassis providing suspension travel of 45 mm. The Sylomer® spring elements always retain dimensional stability and are not adversely affected by overloading of short duration, even where this is extremely excessive.
Additionally it is unaffected by the weather, will not wear and does not contain any toxic substances. No maintenance or servicing is required.

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