Starling is a science-backed wearable device that can boost brain development in young children. Research has proven that the number of words a child hears throughout the day strongly predicts future vocabulary, IQ, and emotional wellbeing. Starling counts the number of spoken words—by and to your child—through direct verbal engagement. Pair it with the VersaMe app to set word count goals, monitor engagement progress, and set challenges. Shaped like a friendly little star, it is soft, seamless and safe, attaching to babies’ clothes or accessories via a tethered magnet or clip.

Starling is combination of advanced voice technology and kid friendly design. Soft and edgeless, it’s safe even if baby’s put it in their mouth. Starling can be worn by baby or attached nearby to a crib, play pen, etc. Starling has a built-in microphone to pick up spoken words (no recording), an all-day battery, and a small activity light that signals your level of engagement. The companion VersaMe app pairs with the Starling over Bluetooth.

Design is good when it’s in perfect harmony with the user, and even better if its value extends into a lifelong benefit like Starling.

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