The Sonata Breast Pump is an insight-driven evolution of the breast pump, wherein every detail is intended to elevate the pumping experience. Smart beyond Bluetooth connectivity that integrates with the MyMedela app, Sonata also has Responsive Pump Technology that adapts to mom and her environment to ensure she always has consistent pump performance. Designed for the needs of real moms, it also includes a quiet motor, rechargeable battery, and angled LED interface to guarantee portability, discretion and flexibility to pump anywhere. Precision finishing and modern design language create a friendly yet elegant product that reflects the lifestyle and home of today’s mom, with elements such as an integrated handle that offers convenient portability without disrupting the clean lines of the aesthetic.

Designed with ergonomics in mind, the Sonata Breast Pump Kit is comfortable and secure when held in a variety of positions, while the simplified design is approachable, and results in effortless cleaning and intuitive assembly. Compatibility with the PersonalFit Breast Shields provide adaptability for anatomical variance, so mom can select a size that best fits her body.

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