Smart i-Angel, our babies’ first wearable device, which enables a smart parenting lifestyle based on the data of our baby’s health information ! The product is a smart health checker that adds the convenience to a childcare life for our babies with a function of detecting a baby’s defecation condition and a body temperature, of transferring and recording such data with the smartphone at a real time and of checking breastfeeding. With a new way of designing that has never existed and the data transfer based on Bluetooth 3.0, Smart i-Angel will send a state of a baby’s health to his or her mother’s smartphone. Smart i-Angel adopts the 3-way for baby care system composed of defecation alarm for a baby, a high temperature alarm, an alarm for breast-feeding’s frequency and time record, and a breastfeeding time alarm, thereby making datafication of the baby’s health information and systematical management. Because the product is a lightweight wearable device with simple and modern design, 11g of the product’s light weight does not give burden to a baby. Since the product is a simple attachment to a diaper, the product is easy to use for anyone.

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