For mothers, expressing breastmilk is a sensitive part of feeding their child. Expressing is frequently inefficient and occasionally even painful. Products often are awkward to handle and the pumping movement is tiring for the hand.
In developing the NUK manual breast pump, the focus was on making the expressing process effortless, gentle and efficient and on creating a product which is easy to use and to clean.
The pump mechanism quickly generates a vacuum without any play, allowing pump strength to be controlled very accurately and intuitively by the lever. The curved finish of the asymmetrical breastshield prevents pressure points, whilst the air cushion below the silicone pad ensures a comfortable, airtight seal. The sequence of movements made by the hand during expressing has been made considerably more comfortable by the lever, which was optimized in extensive trials.
The pump can be completely dismantled in just two steps, with a simple and intuitive displacement of the membrane connector. The compact and homogenous parts make the pump easy to clean and reassemble.

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