A seat belt of a car is usually suitable for an adult. If a child fasten the belt, it is uncomfortable and dangerous for the child because the belt is passed the child’s neck or jaw. For the child, Mimiru fasten belt cushion lowers the angle of the seat belt. It eliminates the physical inconvenience of the child, and solves the stuffy feeling. Also, it induces proper wearing of the seatbelt.
In addition, Mimiru fasten belt cushion was designed to make the children feel more comfortable with the clover shape. Also, we characterized a lion, who the children are afraid of, with ‘sleeping concept’ to give the children friendliness. The inside of the cushion is made of microfiber cotton, which has excellent restorative power. And it is easy to wash because it is dried quickly. The seat belt cushion can be used in various ways such as a nap pillow or a cushion.

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