The Lollipop is an easy, safe, and convenient addition to baby’s room.

It features a rounded set of contours, and a posable arm allowing you to attach it to a crib, or tree-like wall-mount included, quickly and without any risk of damaging your furniture. The surface is made by silicone, providing a soft touch and supple grip, making it easy to hold onto a variety of surfaces. Ideally, it can be put on a crib, allowing you to focus specifically on baby, not the crib or room.
Available in soft, neutral colors, it will blend into baby’s room without a problem, and is safe to be around your child.

True Crying Detection – Crying detection with low false alarm by noise

Push Video Notification – 30s event video, by Crying/Noise/Virtual Wall

High Quality Video

Streaming – LAN:rtsp / Outside:Amazon cloud

Data History – Daily & weekly noise/crying and environment data log

Wall Mount Accessory – Cute tree-like wall-mount kit included

Night Vision – Two mode selection – 940nm LEDs invisible for nearing baby, 850nm LED for wall mounting

Remote Music Playing – lullabies built-in, womb sounds also selectable

Push to Talk

Live View Sharing – unlimited shared users

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