Little Hood cushion cap is designed for the active child between 6 months to 36 months for cushioning the head as he or she learns to crawl, stand and walk. This unique product is soft, comfortable and allows good ventilation while at the same time, free parents of little slips and bumps to their child’s head that could often occur when children are at play. The product consists of 8 elastic straps and 1 visor which is made of fabric and foam with 2 food-grade silicon buttons with ribs to hold the straps together forming the shape of a dome. This detachable function of the cap allows the hat to be accessorized as well as enabling the hat to grow with the child by simply changing to longer straps. Little Hood cap is customized and fits well to each child’s head, so that chin straps are not needed. When the child is out under the sun, a visor can be attached to the longest strap giving the child adequate protection from the sun. Little Hood cushion hat is meant to be fun for the parents to adorn their children with different accessories. This unique design allow parents to create their own design. Due to its versatile nature, different products can be evolved in future.

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