LESOMI creates Children’s apparel for ages 2-6, which educates, empowes and inspires children to master self-dressing and provides intuitive learning opportunities.

Our product incorporates features, which encourage self-dressing and introduces basic learning principles by placing design symbols in strategic places:
– “L” and “R” for Left and Right and general orientation
– Hand and feet symbols allow to match correct arm with sleeve, leg with pant leg
– Potty handles assist with pulling up pants
– Thumbprint gives a clue where to stabilize the zipper to pull it up
– Numbers on buttons encourage correct buttoning and practice counting

LESOMI focuses on ease of handling by assuring all buttons and zippers are accessible to the child. The design provides an easy fit and is further enhanced by the use of stretch cotton materials.

LESOMI encourages a sense of achievement and success albeit stimulating
fine motor skills and cognitive development. We take a child’s point of view into consideration in all aspects of the product development. LESOMI presents children with the opportunity to gain independence and achievement by mastering an everyday task – dressing themselves.

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