Children AR Tablet for children is an intelligent AR device specifically developed for children.Ergonomically designed products that are safe for children.Hand grip design: Children can use the hand grip both horizontally and vertically, adjusting to children’s usual habits.Charging protection design: The charger is designed with cover protection, keeping children safe during the charging process.Environmentally-Friendly Materials: We use advanced eco-friendly materials from Rohs and REACH, which are green with an original look that is designed to keep children safe at all times.Especially designed for children’s AR learning and entertainment applications.To help children with voice, text, graphics, and other interactive methods with applications.To help children use voice on the AR pad to control the software and hardware.Video call: Parents can send a video chat invitation and call the children in real time, enabling them to see what the child is doing at that moment. Minimize eye damage from blue light through the eye protection screen using nanometer blu-ray filtering: Effectively blocks from 400 to 500 nanometer of high energy blu-ray irreversible harm on retinal cells.

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