Controversial to other brands, we have approached in a new light. While other brands require the foot to fit the shoe, we have designed our shoes to fit the baby’s foot.
Komuello is developed to fit to baby’s barefoot by injecting liquid TPE into socks and solidifying them, hence integrating as one piece. The Upper part of the shoe is essentially a sock which wraps softly and covers the baby’s foot.

The shape of the outsole has been developed with ergonomic design.
The front has an overhang shaped which will help toddler’s easy walking and the rear part is shaped carved in round to support soft and chubby anklets of the baby. The side part shaped simply beautiful and comfortable.

Perfect for babies’ first steps as it weighs only 28g (Smallest size)

The outsole of Komuello is made of TPE (Thermal Plastic Elastomer) which is the same material as pacifiers, soft with a superior resistance and anti-abrasion. It comes with no chemical ingredients, providing anti-bacterial and deodorizing effect with a non-slip design.

Shoes that are easy to put on or take off like socks, Easy to Wash (Machine-washable, Drying quick)

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