There is a large and growing body of research that show that the period of time when kids are learning to self-feed – when they are transitioning to solid foods – is a crucial period when food habits are established. And increasingly we know that patterns created during this period influence eating behaviors all the way into adulthood, thus, it is critical that we provide the right tools for children to learn to self-feed successfully. Yet, traditional utensils — even kid-sized ones — are a poor match for little hands, whose fine-motor skills are still developing. Long handles oriented on a single, straight plane, make self-feeding frustrating for kids and messy for parents. As a result, parents often take over feeding and often overfeed their little ones in an attempt to ensure their kids are getting all the right nutrition. KIZINGO utensils are uniquely curved in to easily fit into toddler’s hands … supporting little hands aiming for little mouths.

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