Amaryllo is proud to present a revolutionary new baby monitor, the iBabi HD!

Amaryllo has taken what has traditionally been a bland market area, and added a whole new sense of life to the product category!
Initially inspired by the children’s toy, Rubix Cube, the iBabi HD fits neatly in any home setting and does not induce a feeling of ‘intrusion’ like traditional ip cameras do.

The overall design structure was based on the cubic ratio and each side of the cube is composed of 9 little squares. We left a space on the top of the iBabi HD for parents to place LEGO toys or decorations that attract the baby’s attention and create a sense of fun!

Inspired by the idea of the Rubik’s Cube, we have created a toy-like gadget for monitoring babies in any nursery setting. It exudes a sense of happiness and playfulness whenever viewed, by child or adult. Since the consumer operates the camera remotely, in essence it becomes a part of themselves. With the built in no-touch motion control, the user, with their smartphone, can move the phone in the same direction that the camera will follow. Essentially, it is like turning your head to look around a room…from anywhere in the world!

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