FingerKeepers are elegantly desgined drawer stoppers with unique functionality:
FingerKeepers constantly protects babies and small children from pinched fingers AND IN THE SAME TIME provides them safe access to the content of their drawers – UNLIKE ANY OTHER SOLUTION IN THE MARKET.
Pinched fingers are a very common injury in small children. Hundreds of thousands of children trap and seriously crush their fingers every year worldwide. Current solutions consist on keeping the drawers locked in close or open positions to avoid injury.
FingerKeepers is the only solution providing children the access they need WHILE protecting their fingers.
FingerKeepers was designed as one unit, made of high-grade silicone with integral axis for maximum durability.
Installing is very simple and takes seconds by using strong yet peel able double sided tape with no damage to the furniture. No tools are needed unlike other available solutions.
The product is available in various colors to fit different furniture’s design.
FingerKeepers is patent pending.

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