Product Name: Enfant Cradle Scale (ECS) 1. Cradle design platform to ensure baby lies comfortably and safely on the scale. 2. Integrated with extensible slides for measuring length/height of the baby. 3. Easy to read backlight LCD display, showing both weight and measured length that automatically synchronizes while the slide extends or retracts. 4. BT (Bluetooth)communication transmitting all measured data to an App that collects all information for analysis and comparison. Traditional baby scales available in the markets can only offer functions of weighing. Our ECS is the first & only baby scale in the market that can measure the length and weight of the baby at same time. In addition, with collected data/information, the associated App can provide 4 major analytic information important as benchmark to the health and growth of the baby as to: Baby Weigth vs Age (W/A) Baby Length vs Age (L/A Head size vs Age (H/A) Baby Weigth vs Length (W/L) These 4 analytical data are considered as the 4 categorized information used by WHO (World Health Organization).With this new product (ECS), we hope we can help all the new parents manage their baby’s growth in a more objective way.

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