The Breeze™ Baby In-Sight® Mirror was developed as an innovative solution to an everyday problem for parents – children in rear-facing car seats getting too hot or overheating. Not only does the mirror help parents safely check in on their child while driving, the Breeze™ is equipped with a two-speed fan helping to keep baby cool in the back seat when the air conditioning is not enough. The fan is adjustable and can tilt to direct airflow where baby needs it most. Breeze™ is crash-tested and equipped with a large, convex, Clear-Sight™ mirror for superior reflection and a distortion-free image. The mirror is also remote control activated with an auto turn-off feature after 10 minutes helping to conserve battery life. Additionally, the mirror has a Soft-Touch™ frame making it lightweight and multiple attachment options so it will work in almost any vehicle.

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