We developed a mobile phone and GPS tracker, the bPhone U10, specifically made to facilitate the parent-child relationship.

Its logic perfectly suites the new life-style of parents, supporting them in their everyday habits with the growth of their children.

Our product is conceived to be used by children over 36 months.
The use of the bPhone is elementary.

No complex interface to manage the device, no APP.
All configurations are made via SMS making the product suitable to every level of technology awareness.

One master device manages the product’s contact list which means a parent can choose the 3 numbers that the child can call. Thanks to the embedded GPS, by sending an SMS it is possible to find out where your child is.
And thanks to the LBS technology (Location Based Service) it is always possible to retrieve the area.
Child can do the same by pressing the SOS button placed in the middle of the keyboard.

The message sent to the parent is a common SMS with an URL. No data plan is needed on the bPhone U10.

bPhone U10. Simplier is better.

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