The Bobux Blaze- a shoe designed for play. Through robust exploration involving hundreds of parents we discovered that, once their children are walking, parents purchase inferior shoes for them because of the hard wear they take. This means that as children are developing their balance and special awareness, they are wearing shoes that hinder that development. If we were serious about foot health we had to solve this problem. We needed to ensure the foot could move naturally, so we developed a new rubber compound for the sole. Lightweight and flexible with no compromise on durability, perfect to meet the demands of kids in play. Through the design process we also addressed another common problem. Preschoolers can put shoes on themselves however can’t tell left from right. We addressed this by incorporating animal illustrations into the design. If the animals are touching, the shoes are on the correct feet. These are made from a PU textile and also serve as additional waterproofing. It features a Velcro strap, with elastic support to ensure a close fit. The overall construction is super lightweight and features an extended micro-armour toecap for extreme abrasion resistance.

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