This design is based on an idea from the concept of family care. Parents always want to be the first to know how things are going with their children, especially when they are growing up. Therefore, we came up with a creative height measuring tool to record kids’ growth, easily allowing parents to document each special moment of development. Rather than being simply a gift, this new product is more akin to a diary for children. No more sticking those stubborn height rulers on the wall! Our product is harmless to home furniture. What’s more, it is a unique and stylish home decoration. The height measuring range can reach up to 205 cm, which is very convenient and practical for all families. By placing the tool on a door frame and putting the object in a “clamping” position, the measurement tool and the door “clamp” together. Position the ruler above your head to measure your height. Pull the extendable measurement cord down to the floor to define the exact height. For more details, please see the instruction guide enclosed in the product package, visit our online catalog, or watch the product animation. Catalog: Animation:

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